Hi Everyone,

As challenging as Covid-19 is for all of us, recent events in the US and Canada are a reminder that how we behave defines who we are. Dana is committed to being an equal opportunity employer and to stand against racial inequality. We will always strive for workplaces where inclusion, acceptance and diversity are celebrated. Our employees and our guests are the reason we cook and serve food…every employee and every guest. It’s not enough to say that we stand for everyone, we all have to show it in how we interact with each other and our guests every day.


With respect to Covid-19, the attached may be of interest. Shoppers Drug Mart has provided this symptom checker for their customers and we thought it was worthwhile sharing. It compares Covid-19 with the Common Cold, Flu and Season Allergies, as several symptoms may be similar. In addition, we have also attached some stretches that you can do at home to deal with a few common body aches when you cannot get to a gym. For the yoga enthusiasts, here is a link to a 10-minute Yoga Routine for those who find they are sitting more.


Of course, if you have Covid-19 symptoms, our recommendation continues to be, take your provincial Self-Assessment on-line, get tested at your local Assessment Centre, and self-isolate for 14 days, or until you get your negative test results. Even when your test results are negative to Covid-19, you will want to ensure you where masks when you go out as your immunities may be compromised and you can be more vulnerable to catch something. This time of year can be tricky due to the weather with some days being very hot and some can be quite cool. The fluctuation in temperature can make a difference on how we feel. Remember…Your health is most important.

Covid-19 has transformed the way we all behave socially, at home and in the workplace. We changed how our cafés operate in order to deliver safe, freshly prepared meals and snacks every day and had to adapt quickly to meet enhanced government health & safety requirements. Some key changes and actions you will see in our cafés include:

  • Temperature Monitoring – for all team members before every shift.
  • Protective Masks – for all team members as recommended by health officials
  • Protective Gloves – mandatory for proper handling of food and beverages
  • Counter Guards and Enclosed Cases – for added protection at the checkout and drive-thru
  • Social Distancing Measures – visibly in place for both team members and guests
  • Tamper Evident Packaging – to ensure you can trust that the meal contents have only been touched by culinary professionals while also providing convenience and quick service
  • Sanitation and Disinfectants – all surfaces and touch points sanitized and disinfected on an enhanced schedule and sanitizers available for you to use
  • Eat Fresh Rewards pre-order App and Pick Up Area – to reduce the number of guests within the café, provide a separate area for order pickup to maintain social distancing and improve service times. All without adding cost to you.
  • Touch-Free payment solutions – to enhance speed of service, convenience and remove an unnecessary touch point.

No matter how we adapt to safely meet your needs, Dana’s brand beliefs and behaviours never waiver. The safety of you and our guests are paramount.

Stay healthy.

Juri Daniel
Dana Hospitality LP and Marek Hospitality Inc.

(This webpage provides a summary of the general guidance and resources available to us. We will update this webpage as additional information becomes available.)